Fulfillment and Kit Assembly

Save Yourself a Headache

You have your inventory purchased and you have your event scheduled; somewhere in between, you’ve got to get your inventory into the promotional kits, vendor bags, or marketing packages you need. Typically, you have two equally annoying options: you can ship early and fulfill yourself, then have to store and re-ship your inventory, or you can tackle the head-splitting logistics of on-site fulfillment. Lucky for you, we’ve got a third option. And it’s much better.

Eventgistics at Work for You

So what’s behind Door #3? Well, it’s not another headache. In fact, it’s the opposite. We understand that fulfillment is an essential part of a successful marketing event; so instead of making you do all that detail work yourself, we’ve built it into our Eventgistics approach. We sat down and thought of all the logistics that are part of the event marketing industry; since fulfillment is one of them, then, yes, we do that too. You don’t need another team or another plan for fulfillment; we’ve got the team, so make us your plan.

We Are a Complete Solution

Whatever type of promotional kit you’re planning for your next event, we’ve got the team, the space, and the expertise to get it ready for you. Why give yourself a headache when our professional team can retrieve your inventory, put it together exactly as you specify, and deliver it exactly on time? Let us simplify your life with fulfillment and shipping services that are as flexible and dependable as you want them to be. Call now or contact us for a quote on your next fulfillment order.

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