Online Inventory Management

Inventory Management Minus the Headache

Tired of playing phone tag and chasing a paper trail? We’ve got the solution. Our comprehensive online inventory management system gives you access to all the information you need at anytime. With the click of a mouse, you can see exactly what you have, then tell us exactly what to do with it.

Old-School Values, New-World Advantages

Shipping companies have to be cutting edge to keep up with the competition, but that’s not our primary reason for having an Online Inventory Management system. Nope, our primary reason is this: if it makes your life easier, we’re all for it. We love technology that gives you a simpler solution, and that’s because we want you to succeed. We’ve got the old-school philosophy that helping a neighbor out is a good idea. It’s been working for us for a long time now, and we think it will work for you too.

A Streamlined Solution that Makes Sense

That’s why we’re happy that we can provide a solution that makes sense of inventory management.  With real-time inventory numbers, stock photos, and online scheduling options, you can access your information without stopping to send an email or make a phone call. It fits right in with the helpful neighbor philosophy, and it fits right in with Eventgistics. We’re all about streamlining the logistics of the event marketing industry, so take advantage of our online solution for your inventory. Don’t approach your next event with unanswered questions about your marketing inventory. Try the inventory system that simplifies your life and gives you complete control.

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