What We Do

We Make Your Life Easier

We assist events and marketing professionals by providing a complete range of services for the events marketing industry. Our company is built on an in-depth understanding of both shipping and logistics and all the details that go into successful events. Our clients count on us because we stand behind our guarantee of dependability and flexibility. Tired of working with a shipping company that doesn’t understand your industry? Try us. We know how to do all the special stuff that a good event requires.

We Streamline Your Events Shipping Needs

No more patchwork shipping methods needed; we do it all. In fact, after looking through our services, the only question you might have is “What don’t they do?” Well, we’re still figuring that one out ourselves.

We Put an Industry Leader on Your Side

We are an industry leader in event marketing logistics, shipping, warehousing, and online inventory management. For over 20 years, we have successfully assisted clients with all the logistical elements of shipping, storing, kitting, and delivering for successful marketing events. Get an industry leader on your side; let us handle your shipping and logistics.

We Give You Events Expertise and Shipping Solutions

The events industry is a unique one; we know our clients face special challenges and demands from the initial planning to the final clean-up. That’s why we’ve chosen to dedicate our company exclusively to the events industry; you need dependability, flexibility, and professionalism. And that’s what we provide. Call us today; get a taste of what it’s like to work with people who really understand your industry.

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