We Offer the Solutions You Need

We have big-company resources with a small-business approach. Each client we serve gets our best. Special requests? We love those. Change in delivery time? No problem. Fulfillment before delivery? We’ve got it covered. Training space before the event? Find it with us.

We Work on Your Schedule

Don’t waste your time chasing inventory, tracking shipments, and working on somebody else’s schedule. Call us. We provide the solutions that make your events a success. Our event delivery services offer the options you need, from flexible ground shipping to air delivery, approximate deliveries, exactly timed deliveries, and just-in-sequence deliveries. Our online inventory gives you 24/7 access to what you have in stock; no more waiting for business hours, leaving messages, or trying to track down a human. You can see what you’ve got whenever you want.

We Are All-In-One Eventgistics

The logistics of a successful marketing event can be intimidating; but we handle it all. We offer inventory management, kit assembly, fleet parking, and all the event delivery options you need. We help simplify the process so you have fewer headaches, fewer hassles, and more fun doing what you do best: planning and pulling off one successful marketing event after another.

We Are Ready to Prove It

We’ve made a lot of claims, but we’re not asking you to take our word for them. Call us. Try us out. Let us handle your next shipment. You’ll find out what all our other satisfied clients have found: we don’t make a claim without backing it up. So let us prove it to you. Call today. We think this could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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