Our Partners Asked and We Responded

Over the next few weeks, Events Direct will be launching a new, state of the art inventory management system. The new system will include:

  • Improved Accuracy
  • More User Friendly Features
  • User Selected Reports
  • The Ability to Order and View Inventory Anytime and Anyplace You Have An Internet Connection

Get Your Questions Answered

The last thing you need when planning an event is a big question mark about shipping. And while we may not be able to help you with all your question marks – the one about that teenager in the giant chicken suit, for instance – we can help you with your shipping questions. If you’re tired of complication, phone calls, and endless emails while you try to get answers on your inventory, you’re going to enjoy what we provide.

Complete Access, Complete Convenience

We like old school just as much as the next guy, but we know it’s the digital age. And while we may never quite understand some of this Internet stuff, we get that it gives our clients a quick, easy, and completely convenient way to access their inventory stats. That’s why we have installed our new, state of the art Online Inventory Management system. If it’s good for our clients, we’re all over it. Unless you really enjoy waiting on hold while you have better things to do, we’d recommend you switch out the old-school hassle and embrace the future. It’s pretty nice here.

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