Event Delivery Service

Save Yourself the Hassle

You don’t have time to hassle with some huge shipping company’s inflexible schedule. That’s because your job isn’t shipping; your job is getting a successful event off the ground. You need your inventory organized, your kits assembled, and your stuff delivered. But our job is shipping; we don’t outsource, we are the shipping company.  You need a dependable delivery service that works with you, and that’s exactly what we do.

We Are Flexible Delivery

Our delivery services make your scheduling issues vanish. We ship from any point to any point, and specialize in just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries. We love a challenge. Seriously. Kit fulfillment prior to delivery. Approximate deliveries: no address, no problem. We’ll keep in touch with your contact person and go wherever we need to go. Just-in-time deliveries: exact timing at your exact location; multiple locations at the same time? No problem. Just-in-sequence deliveries: complicated sequence of deliveries? We love that. Give us the list, the times, and the places. We’ll delivery in sequence, on time, on location.

We Handle Special Requests

We don’t just handle special requests, we love special requests. We crave them. We think we may be obsessed, but we love the thrill of meeting each need no matter how unpredictable it is. We pledge to provide exactly what you need. Ready to try us out? Call now to speak to a representative. You won’t be disappointed.

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