Eventgistics: What It’s All About

You might have noticed a term popping up on your site as you’ve browsed around. It’s Eventgistics, and it’s a word we coined here at Events Direct.

Here’s our official definition:

Eventgistics [e-vent-gist’-ics]: 1) n. Event Logistics Solutions Company; valuable resource. 2) v. Communicate, respond, deliver in an extraordinary way. 3) adj. Experienced in events logistics; flexible; quick. 4) v. To ship, warehouse, distribute, fulfill; complete processing of event marketing stuff. 5) adj. Stress-free; reliable; organized; equipped; dependable; flexible. 6) n. A company that cares [see Endangered Species].

Eventgistics, basically, refers to all the logistics and details involved in pulling off a successful marketing event. It’s about putting together the scheduling, shipping, fulfillment, and team to get your stuff where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. It’s what we specialize in, and every person in the events marketing industry knows how important it is to get this right. You can’t pull of a successful marketing event without Eventgistics, And we’re all about Eventgistics. Hey, we invented the word!

Events marketing is different than any other industry around. There’s no room for trial and error, or even the tiniest slip-up. For those of you in the events marketing industry, you know it’s a dance of pulling together a million details into one, cohesive, successful event. You’re dealing with all sorts of last-minute changes, unknowns, and the greatest unknown of all: the people. After all, an event is about the people. You need them to show up to your event, to get interested, and to respond to what you’ve worked so hard to put together. And you need the people on your team to know what they’re doing and do it right.

We’d like to take at least one unknown out of your next event. When it comes to that hugely important part of an event we call Eventgistics, we will make it happen. It’s our promise, our guarantee, that everything we do for you – from logistical stuff to loading and shipping – will be done right and right on time. So give us a call. Take a few of the unknowns out and pull off that next event with a little less stress and even more success.

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